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Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm PDT
: now as the owner of a restaurant, he says he understands the economy of running a business. boost the minimum wage and he says jobs will be lost, benefits shaved and companies displaced. but is that true? >> it wasn't until we got the report that we decided you know what? this supports our position like we thought it would. >> reporter: matt mayhood says an independent report the group just commissioned forecasts between 600 and 2800 jobs loft if this passes. >> if you're a small business, a 25% increase in your payroll is significant and it could harm your business so what do you do? reduce hours or layoff people. >> reporter: most recently, washington, d.c. and san francisco tried this measure. when san francisco created a new minimum wage, unemployment has fallen by 0.7%. and in washington, d.c., unemployment has fallen by 1.3%. >> san jose is not san francisco and washington, d.c. we are ringed by other cities. we have business districts that are one street across from each other. >> reporter: so let's expand the scope here. in 2012, eight states increased their minimum wage a
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> it means a lot to our downtown businesses and our economy. people come to shows, they dine, may stay overnight so there is a spin-off just very excited. >> one person was missing from this ceremony, entertainer george lopez, organizers said his plane from southern california got delays. >> well, a lot of pressure on this one person. a million people that are descending. going to count on you tomorrow. >> you know, everything depends on what's happening outdoors with the big weekend. we're start of one of them on the deck of a vacant island. this gigantic ship, how about the green powered types of wind powered craft with the america's cup. they have wrapped up their competition. we saw these boats get back. we had good conditions for the race. the winds were picking up. those helped to drop our temperatures big time. let's look at some of the temperatures. you'll see fairly cool numbers that earlier in the week were 90. we'll look at 50s and 60s through the evening and the winds out here in san francisco, kind of breezy. 15 to 25 miles per hour. looking at the fleet week forecast if w
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
people not to take part in voting for that system. i believe that our economy is on the right track. we want to make sure that he finishes what he started. the president will be meeting with a group of 100 bigger donors talking to them over dinner. and then he'll drop in on a concert event. 6,000 people are attending concert. the president urging them to help him get re-elected. we will bring you highlights of that event tonight at 9:00. >> thank you, jean. before heading to san francisco. president obama designated the home of chavez a national monument. they planned that famous 1966 farm worker march to sacraments. most people were thriving in the u.s., but latinos were still disen franchised. >> no one seemed to care about the farm workers who picked the nation's food. unable to demand the most basic rights. caesar cared. chavez who died in 1993, is buried on the site. while the election is a month away. you don't have to wait to vote. officials have the go ahead to send out vote by mail ballots. it is not too late to register to vote. if you have already registered and want to sign
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and i really think that his passion for making sure the economy grows for the middle class came through. >> president obama and romney will debate for a second time next tuesday night at new york's university. >>> solyndra's attorneys filed a lawsuit in san francisco federal court claiming chinese companies conspired to create a monopoly in the solar panel manufacturing and they were supported by chinese banks which offered below market loan rates. solyndra is now seeking damages of at least $1.5 billion for the loss of its business. a director for one of the chinese companies tells bloomberg the lawsuit is solyndra's way of making china a scapegoat for its failure. >>> mountain view based google could soon find itself searching for answers. sources say the majority of top decision makers at the federal trade commission believe an anti-trust case should be brought against the search giant. after more than a year of investigation four commissioners have reportedly become convinced that google abused the search monopoly to extend dominance into other areas like shopping and travel. rivals
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4